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Sweet Chili Pork With a Sprinkle Of Italy

The benefits of a traybake are endless. They are cheap, simple and tasty, with minimal mess and pots to wash, perfect for using up whatever is lying about in the kitchen. Alternatively experiment with all the taste and aromas that appeal to you, the options are endless. This recipe came about because I had some Jersey Royals, that were going to sprout and turn green if I didn’t eat them soon. I had nothing to go with them, so my daughter and I dragged out our face masks and braved the supermarket. Tiny new potatoes make me think of salads doused in dressing, so sticking with this theme I added red onion, bell peppers and tomatoes to the trolley. On offer at the meat counter were pork steaks marinated in sweet chili dressing. Very nice! And the smell of fresh basil lured us over, so in it went. I was tempted by a tub of sour cream, but my inner calorie counter chose creme fraiche instead. Shopping paid for we went home, heated the oven and began to peel and chop.

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