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Foraging for Fruity Booty

The humble blackberry produces an image of warm summer picnics and birdsong. Packed with nutrition including: vitamins A, B, C, E and K, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium. High concentrations of anthocyanin are responsible for their dark purple colour, and these powerful antioxidants are believed to have a wide range of health benefits. Just a handful of blackberries around 9-10 count towards your five-a-day.

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Three Berry Mess

Not Ready to Say Goodbye to Summer

Dawn prises its way through the gap in my curtain considerably later now. Dusk settles a little earlier. Department stores no longer drip with breezy silks and cotton, instead heavy with the weight of wool. Christmas is cropping up in pubs and restaurants: book your party now.

Summer has been one of extremes. Record breaking temperatures interrupted by dark skies and prolonged periods of pounding rain. Bram Stokers Dracula arriving en masse in gangs of bloodthirsty midge.

A Saturday – central Manchester. Damp hair growing frizzy; sitting in a café surrounded by customers seeking shelter from the barrage of umbrellas. Spying a misty impression of a rainbow, parting clouds lure me home: for something vibrant, something sweet, a nugget of evening summer sunshine.

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