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National Bakewell Tart Day: Maybe, Maybe Not

Dear Wikipedia, famous for its swathe of inaccuracies. I was recently planning a post on a national or international food day and came across National Bakewell Tart Day on August 11th, listed under United Kingdoms national food days. A practised researcher I proceeded to delve deeper into this and hit a brick wall. I discovered from the 10th-16th August is Afternoon Tea Week and some sources claim today to be National Raspberry Tart Day closely related, but sorry Wikipedia I think this is another faux ou inexact. Moving forward: I like Bakewell, I’m from Derbyshire and I love food. So here is a post to celebrate Bakewell and the tart it is known for.

Michael R Gentry

From nearby Derby, I have regularly visited Bakewell since a child. Sat down to coffee and cake in many of the quaint coffee shops in the town. Wandered round the gift shops and of course the bookshops: Hawkridge Books, Book End, The Bakewell Bookshop and Maxwells. I have strolled the Monsal Trail and eaten fish and chips with my feet dangling over the wall beside the rive Wye, where ducks are aplenty and you sometimes spot a fast swimming trout. Bakewell has had a market since 1330 and the Monday market remains popular today, usually boasting around 100 stalls which have been reduced during the Covid-19 pandemic. The notorious Bakewell Show is hosted at the Bakewell Showground attracting visitors from far and wide to the town. Finally what Bakewell is famous for its tart, or pudding, but sorry Mr Kippling not Cherry Bakewell.

Crocstar Team


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