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Suffering is Suffering: There is No Monopoly

Great Britain has been rocked by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announcing they will be stepping down as senior royals last week. The media has gone into a frenzy, with wild and frankly absurb suggestions the future of the British Monarch is under threat. Both pro and anti Sussex camps took to the stands. With discussion ranging from taxpayers money to sibling fallout, racism, sexism and celebrity status, media intrusion, carbon footprints, shabby treatment towards the Queen. Even the timing of the announcement, on the eve of the Duchess of Cambridge birthday was not left off the table.

Don’t worry readers, this post is not further opinion and scrutiny of the blame game surrounding the latest royal rift. Far from it. But pause for thought about the monopoly on suffering: something which nobody holds the key.

Piers Morgan known for his candid criticism of Meghan and the Sussexes, was one of the first off the mark with the mud slinging when the announcement broke on January 8. Even referring to them as “a pair of spoilt brats”.

What’s been ‘painful to watch’ has been their absurd woke hypocrisy & constant whining. All on our dime.

Piers Morgan

This stood out to me as unfair. Yes Prince Harry was born into royalty, prestige and privilege something he did not choose, and is inconsiquential if it does not make him happy. Like his mother he won the hearts of the public. From the chilling iconic image of a twelve year old head bowed, walking with his brother behind their mothers coffin. Through his captured rebellious actions as a young adult. And his determination to serve as an active soldier. Poignantly saying he felt a sense of normality in Afghanistan. Few could deny only feeling normal on the frontline of a warzone is shocking. He has talked openly about his mental health, and the fear he has of his wife being dragged to the same fate as his mother. That is real and has no relevance to privilege and fortune.

Then there is Meghan accused of social climbing and being an insatiable diva. Or maybe she just fell in love, left her career and country behind, married into a world none of us commoners can comprehend, and became a new mother. All under intense scrutiny, which perhaps she was unprepared for the impact it would have on her emotional wellbeing.

Does anybody have the monopoly on suffering?

The state of a person or thing that suffers.

The nature of distress and suffering is largely subjective. And how long is a piece of string regarding an individuals ability to cope with the difficulties life throws at us, wherever they came from. Looking out onto the rocky global road, most of us see somebody worse off than us. Does that make the suffering we are experiencing any less painful?


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