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Ruth Reichl
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Approximately 10,000 years ago agriculture began. Global population was just 5 million. In 2021 7.9 billion people live on earth. Since 1970 figures have more than doubled. The United Nations projects the worlds population to reach 10 billion by 2057. Humans ability to breed and increasing demand for rising living standards, puts immense pressure on earth to produce more food.

Global food production, the health of our planet and other species is in conflict. The richest nations have reached an obesity crisis. While the poorest starve. Around 9 million people die every year of hunger and hunger related diseases. It is still the worlds biggest health problem, and climate change is increasing food insecurity.

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Tropical Chicken Salad

As we near the summer solstice the mercury is rising here in the UK. The smell of burning coals and delicious chargrilled morsels, mingles with the chime of an ice-cream van. A Sunday, I often roast a joint, not today. How can I enjoy juicy chicken without being cremated in the kitchen? Ingredients 4 chicken […]

Crack a Few Eggs to Make an Omelette

Eggs are a fantastic source of protein. Boiled, poached, baked, scrambled, or fried. With a few extra ingredients you can have a cheap and filling meal. My brother introduced me to merguez sausage Made with either uncooked lamb or beef stuffed into an intestine casing. Merguez sausage is heavily spiced with cumin and harissa, sumac, […]

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Here in the UK it went cold over the Easter period. To make things worse my boiler decided to pack up. The oven has been working overtime cooking stews, just to keep the edge off the chill. This warming beef keema was done on the hob. Although I enjoyed standing before a hot oven; the […]

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